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About cinefile

Nomen est omen: cinefile is the Swiss streaming service for a cinephile audience in the digital age. We continuously select worth seeing newer and newest arthouse and entertainment films from all over the world as well as digitally already accessible classics.

Why this selective behavior? Because any non-selective in our time of massive oversupply on all fronts leads to disorientation, useless spending and wasted time. On cinefile, you are not supposed to waste time and money on second- and third-rate movies.

But what are "good movies"? Connoisseurs often see it differently than casual consumers. Constant training refines taste. Tea or wine freaks also like to call everybody else ignorants.

In order to meet these different demands, we at cinefile adhere to the maxims of generosity and transparency: Every film that at least one person in our team considers as reasonably strong will be selected. And every selected film is accompanied by trailers, short reviews, ratings and background material. The latter serve not only to prepare the movie experience, but also to follow it up.

All our streaming films are available for individual rental or in the cost-effective packages Take2, Take3 and Take4, which include two, three or four films per month with discounts of up to 40%.

One last thing: Almost all streaming fans were and remain basically cinema fans. That's why cinefile also offers a clear cinema guide with all the necessary details on the complete Swiss cinema program.

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New releases
Heidi Schmid, Switzerland 2023, 84'

Röbi will die soon. His life expectancy is between one month and one year. An insidious cancer has attacked his lungs. He has known this for two months when he went to the doctor because of back pain. He does not want chemotherapy or radiation, they would only postpone death for a short time. In addition to this serenity, he knows very well that in the coming months he will also have moments of despair, days of sadness and nights full of pain.

Thomas Salvador, France 2023, 115' c6.2

Pierre, a Parisian engineer, goes up in the Alps for his work. Irresistibly attracted by what surrounds him, he camps out alone high in the mountains and leaves behind his everyday life. Up there he meets Léa, a chef of an alpine restaurant, while mysterious glows glitter in the deep mountains.

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